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Road To Endowment
In an effort to create a lasting legacy scholarship, we've officially launched our campaign efforts with a goal of raising $50,000 for the Endowment of our scholarship, Be All The Things. We've partnered with UWSP Foundation on establishing our own donation site through the University where you can give directly to our scholarship. Endowment of our scholarship means that we will be able to provide scholarships to students in need for many years to come. Our efforts are rare in that we are crowdfunding from the Assembly audience, community focused and forward thinking individuals who make a difference in our small town.
Thank you for joining us on our journey!
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Our Scholarship

Assembly has created the  Be All The Things Scholarship, an annual Scholarship in partnership with the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. Our goal is to assist a non-traditional and/or BIPOC student in pursuing a higher education to improve their life + the lives of others in our community.

Both non-traditional and BIPOC students often do not have as many opportunities for financial assistance in the form of scholarships as traditional students, and we saw an opportunity to make a real and lasting impact through our scholarship.

All recipient(s) of the Be All The Things Scholarship must be enrolled at least half -time as a student at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. Each applicant submits an application and essay for review by the Scholarship Committee. Recipients are selected by the committee.

Funding for the scholarship is accomplished through sales of special edition merchandise that is designed/created in collaboration with local talent and businesses. Proceeds from the sales of these specialty items are used to fund the scholarship. In addition, Assembly Shop has committed to donating a portion of our annual revenue towards the funding of the scholarship.

We are so thankful and appreciative of the community support in the Be All The Things Scholarship. You are what makes this possible.




Why We Give Back

What is your why?

To be honest, I’ve been asked that question more times than I can count, and I’ve never really been able to pinpoint a “good enough” answer.

When I started the Be All The Things Scholarship in 2017, my only goal was to help make the life of a female, non-traditional student a little bit easier. When my mom passed away in February 2019, it all of a sudden clicked. This was all for her.

Thuy Luu, aka My Mom, was a refugee of the Vietnam War and came to the US in 1975. At just 20 years old, she arrived on American soil with a small box of belongings and hope at starting a brand new life. She learned to speak English, got into college, and graduated with her Bachelors Degree from Moorhead State University in 5 short years. She was every bit the definition of a non-traditional student. For all the hardships that she endured, she always instilled in me the importance of being happy with what you have, and giving back to the community in which you live.

SHE is my WHY. And her legacy lives on. 



To give or donate to our scholarship, visit our website at Be All The Things or UWSP Foundation - Be All The Things. We appreciate your support!