Why We're Saying "See You Later" to Our Kids Corner

When I found out I was pregnant with Ozzy back in 2017, I immediately had a vision of adding baby/kids clothing and goods to the shop. As an expectant parent scouring the internet for sources of quality children's goods, it can be quite overwhelming with all the amazing things that are available out there. I knew there was a HUGE need not being met in our local community, and I was set on helping to fill that void.
We quietly introduced baby goods in the Spring of 2019 with a couple goals in mind: (1) Would people want it?; and (2) Exactly what were the people looking for? (Sizes, colors, types of items, gifts, shopping for themselves, etc.) We strategically purchased different brands, colors, sizes to get a feel of what people were looking for and what they were willing to expand their minds on
We learned two very important lessons. The first lesson is that our current tiny retail space can't handle the breadth of baby goods that people are looking for out there. The second lesson is that we were diluting the original Assembly brand by "suddenly" introducing baby and kids into the store without a specific marketing plan - even if we were learning a ton about our customers with our buying strategy. 
What we concluded was this: its just not the right time to keep the Kids Corner in our current retail space. And since we can't predict the future, we thought it would be best phase out the goods and return to our roots by bringing our focus back to providing amazing goods the way we had in the past. What does this mean? More Point gear, more amazing handmade makers, more self-care items, and as always an evolving aesthetic to our clothing style. What we're most excited about is being able to serve YOU, our community in the best way that we know how, by bringing the things we love into our tiny space in Stevens Point.
We are truly SO EXCITED to bring 2020 on with this new vision. 

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