We Went LIVE on Instagram and Lived to Tell the Story!

Not familiar with Instagram Live? It is a feature on Instagram that allows us to live "broadcast" to our followers and actively engage with them all at the same time. Followers were able to comment and submit questions on a real-time basis as Sarah Jo and I chatted business and answered other questions that had been previously submitted via Instagram, Facebook and emails.

When we initially started brainstorming ideas on how we could work together outside of our normal bakery/shop relationship, Instagram Live was the first idea that came to my mind. To be honest it took a bit to convince Sarah Jo that this would be a great idea, but after some crowdsourcing I showed her the responses from polls that Assembly followers answered and we soon had a date on the calendar.
Photo by Lisa Young
Armed with an open mind, some great questions from our followers, and a couple drinks - we went into our first "event" without a huge plan. Our main goal was to interact with our audience on a deeper level, let everyone else catch a glimpse of us outside of our respective businesses, and talk about the amazing community that we live and work in. 
Photo by Lisa Young
We've received a lot of positive feedback that has lit a small fire in us to continue producing more creative + community focused content. I'm excited to share more of the other side of our life and business with those who are interested, stay tuned for more!
be good to each other-





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