Turning THREE

Its amazing how quickly time flies when you're working hard. A lot of life and change has happened since we first opened our doors on April 1, 2016. I remember that day so vividly - the sky was overcast in dark grey, a light snow was falling, and you all came out in droves. 
Since that day I've become a mother, started a scholarship with UWSP, and experienced the greatest loss of my life. I've grown the business to include not only women's clothing but transitioned into the baby/children's arena as well. I partner with brands that I've had personal experiences or connections with and we have so much more to offer in the near future. Through it all you have all remained supportive and invested in me and the shop. I am so proud to be here (albeit a bit more frazzled) serving the community in my own little way. 
Join us Thursday, April 4 - Saturday, April 6 from 11am - 5pm for treats and a special discount. I hope to see you in #downtownpoint this weekend!
be good to each other-
(photo from our opening day - April 1, 2016)

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