Scholarship Collaboration: Ruby

After 2019's successful scholarship launch, we knew 2020 was going to have to be a BIG year. Originally we were going to transition to a general profit/give-back donation structure, but when COVID hit we had to think of alternatives on how to continue funding the scholarship.


Jared Linzmeier, co-founder of Ruby, and I frequently have long discussions on life and business. Recently our discussions have transitioned to the topic of values in both our personal and professional lives, and its enlightening to learn how much we both value community involvement in both of these realms. We've always talked about collaborating on projects, however nothing stood out to us until we started talking about our scholarship with UWSP, Be All The Things. The wheels quickly began to turn and three months later, here we are with our most exciting collaboration and scholarship launch yet: We have a special coffee with Ruby! 


Introducing: Guatemala Porfiria Martinez
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Ruby is graciously donating 10% of all sales of Guatemala Porfiria Martinez to the Be All The Things Scholarship and we are so excited to offer this to our coffee loving friends of the shop. When selecting the feature coffee, Jared knew that Porfiria's coffee would be the best product to showcase the project. In Jared's words:

"Porfiria has been a coffee farmer for decades, and while most farmers in her region are banded together in associations and co-ops, she's run her farm independently since day one. That means she was able to, early on, put a focus on how her coffee was being processed and how she was able to negotiate the premiums paid for her coffees directly. 

These days, as she's a little older, her son Javier has taken over most of the land management following her lead. It was Porfiria's dedication to her farm that has built the foundation for Javier to push for coffee quality in a way that redefines how farms can even operate in Peña Roja. That legacy of building a future for your family and contributing to leadership in the community makes Porfiria Martinez' coffee the best choice for partnering with Assembly Shop on this scholarship."



The coffee is available to purchase HERE or directly via Ruby HERE


Thank you to Jared and the entire Ruby team for working with us on this special project. We couldn't be more grateful for their kindness and generosity. 



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