Re-Cap: Women's Day Panel with Siren Shrubs + Ruby Coffee Roasters

On Sunday, March 1st we hosted a Women's Day Panel at Ruby Coffee Roasters located in downtown Stevens Point. Our goal for the event was to share our stories about our unique entrepreneurial journeys. We wanted to connect with our peers in the community and talk about real successes and struggles in hopes that our stories resonated or inspired others. 

Photo by Ade
All of the women on our panel had different stories as it relates to past careers, upbringings, and current business endeavors. It was great to be able to share some of the behind-the-scenes operations but also get to know our origin stories as well. Like, did you know that Deanna from Ruby was in a punk rock band and toured the US? That's so cool! Or that before Siren Shrub's name came along, they considered naming their business Three Men in a Tub Shrub? I'm glad they fell upon Siren Shrubs, it fits perfectly.

Photo by Ade
One of my favorite parts of the evening was when I was able to share more about some of the bigger struggles we've had at the shop after giving birth to my son Ozzy and dealing with the terminal illness of my mom. Lifting the veil and openly talking about how struggles in life always come at the worst times and how we were able to push through it was extremely helpful in my grieving process and I hope that it gave someone in the audience some hope that there is light in the darkness. We were able to get through it, but not before asking for help first. 

Photo by Ade
Planner and moderator extraordinaire, Brittney, was the amazing force behind this whole event and without her this would have just been an idea. Her dedication to pulling it off opened up our eyes to seeing what our community is craving when it comes to personal connection and we hope to bring more events like this to you in the future. 
Thank you to all our attendees, and especially Mindy and Layne or Siren Shrubs, Deanna of Ruby Coffee Roasters, Kellen of Ruby Coffee Roasters, and Brittney - my assistant manager for taking the time to contribute to our panel. To learn more about these powerful forces, visit their sites below!
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