Meet Brittney: Marketing Manager

Meet Brittney, our first official regular part-time employee!
We have been blessed with some AMAZING shop girls in the past (no really, how did I get so lucky), but Brittney is our very first employee with regular hours. Not only does she help me with all things Marketing, she also assists in the general operations of the shop. I knew creating this position would be beneficial, but after seeing Brittney in action, I am SO glad we made the space for her position this year.
I first met Brittney in 2016 shortly after Assembly opened. At the time, Brittney was still in college, but I immediately sensed that she would become a friend of the shop. The majority of the young people I meet are one foot out the door of Stevens Point and have aspirations to "get out of dodge" looking to get somewhere bigger and better. Through the years, Brittney and I were in steady contact and she occasionally inquired about job opportunities with the shop. Even though it hadn't worked out prior to her graduation, I believe that kismet was on our side when she reached out to me one more time before her graduation from UWSP this spring.
When I sat down and interviewed Brittney, I didn't have an official job description that I was interviewing for, rather I was looking for someone that was a great fit for me. In her interview, Brittney really impressed me with her mindset on Stevens Point and its growing economy, tourism and overall vibe. We shared the same beliefs about where Point currently is, and where it has the potential to go in the future. Her excitement for Point and her desire to be a part of our special community stood out to me and I knew she was going to be perfect for whatever position I could hire her for.
Fast forward 4 months and Brittney is now a staple at the shop. Her passion for fashion PLUS non-profit work has assisted me tremendously, especially in the organization and re-launch of our Scholarship program. Not only is she instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the shop, she is a continuous supporter on days when I need it. She's a big cheerleader for me and the daily support and encouragement is something that I didn't know I needed. I am so thankful for the role that Brittney plays with us. I can't wait to see how she continues to shine. 
- Quyen


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