It's Going To Be Ok

As I sit down to write this blogpost I look back at the past five months and I am still in awe of what has transpired in this short amount of time. We are nowhere near being "out of the woods," but I am looking forward to the opportunity of change.

So what have we been up to? Well, let's run through some stuff shall we?

  • Shut down in-store operations
  • Shifted our entire inventory to online shopping
  • Re-opened our storefront with a LOT of changes
  • Created in-store and curbside pickup options for our online shop
  • Participated in an Online Virtual Shopping event with a bunch of other local Wisconsin shops
  • Hosted a house plant sale with Mill Creek Gardens (best event of the summer, amirite?)
  • Brittney moved on to a FULL-TIME job. We are so proud of her, but we miss her everyday. She's still officially part of our team however she works in limited capacity
  • Nathaniel has stepped up to the plate as our main sales guy. He's transitioned through all of the changes like a pro and has been a wonderful addition to our team
  • Created a Conversations series on Instagram where we talk and learn more about creators, doers, movement shapers in and around or community. We talk about everything from social justice to business and its been a fun way of showing you different aspects of our company values
  • We continue to plan and remain hopeful for the future

I wouldn't be able to sit here and write this blogpost if it weren't for the support of you, our community of shoppers and supporters and I am incredibly thankful for that simple, yet important fact. Cheers to seeing the positive in everything. I hope you stay well.

xo - Quyen

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