Britt's Corner - My First Market Experience + AW20 Trends

Britt's Corner

From my days admiring the shop as a customer, I've always dreamed of going to market. I would wait for Quyen's preview of what's to come, grasp onto that small glimpse and ride the excitement all the way until the next season starting to fill the racks at the shop. 

Needless to say, when Quyen approached me about going to market for AW20 (Autumn/Winter '20), of course the answer was YES!

We spent two full days in Las Vegas meeting with brand reps, observing upcoming trends, and choosing which styles and colors our customers would love to see for AW20. Although the experience was only a few days long, in that time, we planned for two whole seasons at the shop. It might not sound like a lot when reading about it on your device, but once you consider all the inventory that shuffles through our store over the course of six months, it starts to put things into perspective.

I was surprised by how extensive and large some of the brands we carry really are. I did not expect to see tens of hundreds of options to choose from. Upon first glance at an item, we could tell if it was for us or not. When there are that many goods to choose from, you need to be selective not only from a financial perspective, but from a variety perspective as well. 

Now here's the part you've been waiting for - AW20 trends! 

Some of the biggest trends for AW20 are leather (dresses, jackets, etc.), animal print, wide + straight legged pants, and sweatsuits.

I can't wait for you all to see what we picked out!



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