Behind Our Name

One of the frequently asked questions I get about the shop is how I came up with the name and the meaning behind Assembly. To answer this, I continually go back to the roots and my "why" for starting the shop.
I attended high school in Minnesota and graduated with a class of almost 700 students. It was easy to get lost in a sea of other students and for me, finding a close network of friends was pretty difficult. I would even consider myself somewhat of a loner who only had a handful of friends. Every Fall and Spring, our school would host an all-school "Assembly" or pep-rally where every single student came together to get excited for the big events happening around that time. Our principal would speak, there would always be some sort of exciting program planned - and most importantly all the students came together all at the same time. Even for someone who didn't have a close network, I was always so excited to see everyone and soak in the excitement that was surrounding all of us.
Much like our assembly at school, Assembly Shop was born from the idea of bringing people together. More than just a retail shop, I wanted Assembly to be a place where all different types of women/people came together to find something that they would love and enjoy for themselves. Whether it be a piece of jewelry, a self-indulgent candle or a well-made sweater, I wanted to be able to provide beautiful items for a curated + thoughtful life. Like any business over time, you begin to see a shift in the demographic and the types of people that visit the shop. I love being able to provide items for a wide range of people whether it be a video gamer, a fellow business owner or a working mom. 
So there you have it, the meaning behind the shops's name. I hope you enjoyed reading about some of our roots!
be good to each other -



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